Fantabulous Trio My Baby Drop Another Video: Seeing Red

These guys are just unstoppable! Rocking festival after festival all summer long, they have still found time to drop another video: a live video to their fantastically groovy single “Seeing Red” from their latest album Shamanaid. Indulge in their dirrrty, sexy and smooth sounds as you watch this phenomenal trio rock the Ruigoord Church in Amsterdam (could there be a more fitting location???).

Aischa Traidia’s “Man on Fire” is out!

And it’s out!!!

Aischa Traidia’s newest, hottest single “Man on Fire” was released yesterday with a fun viewing at Bar Bukowski in Amsterdam Oost. Whilst gathering in anticipation of the new video, which is a collaboration of producer Mark van Bruggen (Dotan), artist Noah Latif Lamp, dancer Shari Ashley Labadie and Stillman, the crowd sipped on delicious cocktails.

The beautiful video tells the story of two people who drive each other to a craze because of bad communication. Resulting in them both balancing on the edge of sanity… Check out the video here: