With much pride we present to you our newest familymembers the greatest rockband ever MY BABY consisting of the ever so beautifull Cato van Dijck on vocals and guitar her brother Joost van Dijck on drums and all the way from New Zealand on guitar Daniel da Freez

MY BABY is the new formed group around Cato van Dyck, Daniel da Freez and Joost van Dyck. Raw Soulful Uncut vocals, GospelBlues Guitar, Haunting HeartBeats.

MY BABY started off with recording an album with producer Mickey Smid, to be released this fall 2013. November 2012 even before the album was finished they got discovered by Funk President Larry Graham, with whom they performed on the biggest TV show in Holland. Now they’re touring from the North to the South, the East to the West spreading their grooves, their signature sound and the story of MY BABY.

“My Baby’s gonna ride,
there she goes thru the wild mountain thyme”
“When My Baby’s gone,
she’ll wear a crown of thorns
and weep and moan at the passersby”
Just listen to My Baby cry..

She will seek aid from an old fortune teller. A guiding hand , or brief gaze into the future to justify her actions and her “voodoo spells” of which we hear glimpses in the songs.

They are adressed to the money men, the elitist, the warmongering.. but most of all the ones who are willing to listen.

This is an unforgiving pass of judgement on her behalf but none other than her should be held accountable. What is left for those listeners is the role of an audience, and see what unfolds as our conscience is put to the test during MY BABY’s day of reckoning.. “