“My Baby is a newly formed group based in the Netherlands comprising Miss Cato, Daniel daFreez, Sheik van dyke and on vocals, guitar and drums .
Discovered in 2012 by funk legend Larry Graham, this threepiece are hitting the road with their danceable live act fueled by country blues, trance and funk, and are set to release their debut album “My Baby loves Voodoo” in november of 2013″.

“My BAby is a soulful, roots and blues informed rock band that packs a political punch and a live experience that wills you to dance untill you fall into their voodoo trance”
“My baby takes us on a journey through the ages with country blues and gospel and folk molded into their own brand of indie funk and louisiana dub. MY Baby’s aim is to put you under her spell, fall into her voodoo trance…sing and dance or you’ll turn to stone!”

Tomorrow night My Baby wil present their new album Loves Voodoo! at the OT301 doors open 2100hrs




www.mybabywashere.com    www.ot301.nl