The Saga of MY BABY…

Thinking, I’m gonna quit my day job
I’m a strange girl but I’m dying for the truth
I said no more giving up my dignity
My Baby has got me shouting voodoo

MY BABY is a fusion of Dutch and New Zealand blood. Born out of love for fingerpickin’ guitars, voodoo, roots, funk, gospel and Southern swampy blues. Somewhere in an upstairs room between gourds, lapsteels and dobro’s surrounded by toothless philosophers and centuries of musical traditions. MY BABY is a vision, a muse. She speaks in hypnotic repetitive rhythms and sliding slides. Like an undulating landscape interspersed with a stream of smooth vocals, dreamy narratives of smoking mountain peaks, mysterious shamans, diviners and drowned loves.

World Tour

MY BABY’s sounds are translated for the human ear by Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston, Joost ‘Sheik’ van Dyck and Cato van Dyck. MY BABY’s sound was first recorded in 2013 on the album MY BABY Loves Voodoo! (Embrace Recordings). And its rousing soundtrack were warmly received. In January 2014, at the heights of the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival, she managed to convey the crowds. New doors opened and she traveled all over the earth. More than 16 countries got to taste MY BABY’s addictive voodoo trials during her world tour: from Texas to Tokyo, from London to Lichtenvoorde and Vienna to Wellington.

People played her sounds on the radio, even the BBC. MY BABY was applauded and given laurel wreaths, in the form of nominations for Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Award (best live act) and an Edison. She also toured various theaters with the Maastricht Theatre Group for a rendition of singer Judee Sill, one of MY BABY’s musical mothers. The old Dutch king of pop, Henny Vrienten, asked MY BABY’s three musicians to support him at his live shows and on his new record.

“Y’all the future,” said the bearded seasick renowned blues king wearing his dungarees. He grabbed her hand and asked MY BABY: “You coming along, to the UK?” “Hell yeah!” she sang.


And now it’s 2015. Starting off with a tour of her half-home New Zealand, where MY BABY let her new hair blow and spread the frenzied crowds with even more voodoo. In March a new record with healing power will bud. “Shamanaid ‘is like a psychedelic journey through space and time, from folk and roots, full of native sounds. A pagan gospel with tracks like contemporary pagan spirituals. MY BABY’s Cato: “Shamanaid is the help we all need from fictitious shamans, it is an earthly record about the now, in which everyone is on their own spiritual quest.”

Where MY BABY hypnotizes the audience with elongated grooves in her live performances, on Shamanaid she shows a different musical face. Cato: “A live show is something you create with the public, a record is a moment when you just stop the time and capture a creative process. For us, these are two very different things. For Shamanaid we took the live act to the studio and returned to our base. We have taken the space for songs, for more acoustic atmospheres. The intensity and freedom of expression in the process resulted in a quirky hot record, from hot gospel shouting electric dance to whisper soft ballads straight from the soul. “

After a round trip around Dutch club venues to donate “Shamanaid” to the Netherlands, MY BABY will depart in April to the UK with Seasick Steve followed by some key (international) festivals.

Hold on! MY BABY is comin ‘.