FULLDUPLEXX the band around trombonist / composer Louk Boudesteijn, known of B&W Quintet Boudesteijn/Van de Wouw Quintet (B&W5), co-founder and artistic director of the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra and the Paul van Kemenade Quintet. The repertoire consists of a mix of electro, funk, rock and improvisation, described by Boudesteijn himself as “an expression of love to all beautiful, thrilling and exciting music”. The debut album F.FWD was released in November 2010 on Embrace Recordings. The long awaited new 2nd album Modern People by FULLDUPLEXX will be released in late 2013.


Louk Boudesteijn: Trombone, Effects & Micromoog

Mete Erker: Sax, Bass Clarinet & Effects

Rein Godefroy: Keys

Ferhan Otay: Guitar

Michel van Schie: Bass Guitar

Pim Dros: Drums