Ferdinand Joseph George Duuren, named after his three granduncles, is an instrumentalist/composer with a distinct approach and vocabulary. Showing his own style from a very young age. He earned is first pay check as a bassist living on the Caribbean island of St Maarten at the age of 16, the same year in which he decided to continue as a professional musician. Once he returned to the Netherlands Ferdinand Joseph heard a conga solo by Sancho Lee-Wong and was mesmerised. After getting in touch, Sancho Lee-Wong then taught Ferdinand Joseph the basics of Afro-Cuban rhythms.

At the age of 19 Ferdinand Joseph was tutored by Nicky Marrero. When he was 23, Ferdinand, landed his first big gig  when he Thijs van Leer asked him to play in his band. In 1999 Ferdinand Joseph released his first album “Funky Cha Cha” with his band French Kiss, which was formed in 1996. The formula of French Kiss came from Ferdinand Joseph’s love of jazz, funk, boogaloo and motown from the 60 ‘s and 70’s. Between 2004 and 2006 Ferdinand ventured out to the world of pop, while he was member of the successful pop group Intwine. In May 2007 he released his album from Human to Human , under the name of Ferdinand Joseph George. This album is a typical example of his unique musical approach and his distinct vocabulary.