What do you get when a rapper and a jazz trio have such a strong connection with one another that after a spontaneous jam session a whole slew of acclaimed performances and a surprising debut album comes rolling out immediately? You get: Bl3nder, the abbreviation of the “Bas van Lier Trio ‘n That One Rapper” in Dutch (Bas v. Lier 3 EN Die Ene Rapper).

So, the group consists of four members, each of them with a bio that is already longer and more impressive than an elephant’s dick. So let us focus briefly on the whole which, if possible, is more than the sum of its parts. Bl3nder brings a unique blend of steamy jazz and smooth raps which is open to all kinds of influences from “black” music. Press the button on the proverbial blender and your energetic mix is ready.

Where the first album Leipe Shit Ouwe! is essentially based on the spontaneous jams which kickstarted it all. Music for the new album Gekkenhuis is quick and a bit more coordinated. Since most of the songs are still dealt with in a single take, the loose jazz vibes aren’t lost out of sight. On the album Unpolished, the gentlemen bring the fire from the infamous live shows known from Gekkenhuis right back to the studio. Rough, raw and dirty.