The story of the young singer-songwriter Aischa Traïdia is that of an Oriental fairy tale. Her father traveled from Algeria, via Paris, chasing his two great loves in the Netherlands: Aischa’s mother and the Film Academy. Aischa is half Dutch, half Algerian. She grew up in Haarlem, in a creative family with a passion for art. Her father, Karim Traïdia, is a director (The Polish Bride), Her uncle, Hakim Traïdia , is an actor (Sesame Street) and her cousin Tarik is a producer, producing programs for MTV, Endemol and BNN. From a young age Aischa has been into contact with art, music and film – often joining her uncle and father to film sets, theaters and tv sets where she would help out with minor roles or production work.

Since her childhood Aischa Traïdia has been a passionate dancer and performer with a strong interest in classical ballet , street dance, music and theater. After a brief period of performing in London she returned to Amsterdam where she made her film debut in her father ‘s film ‘ Aisha ‘.

At the age of twenty Aischa Traïdia played in several musical theater productions and toured for three years with her uncle along the Dutch theaters. During that time she also made choreographies for the play “Fire” (with Egbert Jan Weber and Teun Kuilboer). Four years ago she was in the program for Boy George in Panama, Amsterdam.

Being a true go-getter, Aischa Traïdia was hungry for more and chose to develop her musical passion; drawing inspiration from Janelle Monae, Radiohead and Bob Marley. When she was 23 she moved to New York where she auditioned for Hofstra University, specialising in vocal jazz. Once hired , Aischa Traïdia got in touch with rapper Black Spade, drummer Daru Jones and Coultrain who she paired up with. Eventually nostalgia for the Netherlands drove Aischa Traïdia to return back home.

For her debut album “Mr. Marshall “ Aischa Traïdia collaborated with Mark van Bruggen (known from Dotan), Isa Azier (known from Qeaux Qeaux Joans) and Maarten Kooymans in writing a great mix of pop, rock and soul songs. On this successful debut album Aischa Traïdia convincingly conveys her emotions through a variety of ​​catchy songs.

Mr. Marshall was recorded in the Electric Monkey studio (also used by Caro Emerald) by Kasper Frenkel. None other than the great Bob Ohlsson (known from working with Marvin Gaye) was responsible for mastering the album. Mr. Marshall, the uplifting first single from Aischa Traïdia’s debut album – is just the beginning of a promising career…